intelligent research

Internet research is the practice of accessing the internet in order to find specific information sources. The “visible web” is the results that you see when you use the search engines. The “invisible web” or “deep web” is the huge amount of specialist searchable databases available to access on the web.

writer research
background information, character profiles, fiction and drama, factual and historic research, places, dates, biography, transport, countries, fashion, food, language and picture research

academic profile research
dissertation, essay content, journals, data collection and analysis, thesis and seminar information

business profile research
company financials and filings, industry statistics, market size and trends, document gathering, brand research and viability studies, competitor intelligence

retail profile research
market size and trends, customer retail preference trends, brand research, surveys, questionnaires, statistics and training

public sector profile research
data collection, focus group meetings, seminars, conferences, press cuttings, speeches, statistics and data collection and analysis

legal research
human rights, freedom of information, environmental, immigration, planning and social welfare, eu legislation

Intelligent research is an important tool for success and good business practice. homeport researchers are experienced at intelligent probing, and presenting information in response to our clients tailored research brief.


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