editing and writing

homeport can provide a professional copy-editing and proofreading service. homeport editors understand how important style and presentation are. How it can make a difference between success and failure. Maximising the visual impact of your work with good layout, clear concise and fluid text will communicate your ideas and thoughts more effectively. Inappropriate word choice and grammar, inconsistencies in plot structure, sub plots that go nowhere and flat characters all create a poor read and little chance of publication.
That is when you need the services of one of our writing editors, who can give an impartial review of your work to get rid of inconsistencies before publishing. We can edit your material and pull your copy together to create clarity, clear understanding, and a high level of language excellence.

book editing and writer service
manuscripts, screenplays, fiction/non-fiction, eBooks, training manuals

corporate editing
business proposals, advertising copy, conference papers, annual reports, grant proposals

academic editing
dissertations, essays, curriculum vitae, business plans

medical editing
journals, records

legal editing
contracts, policies and procedures manuals, disciplinary hearings, under caution interviews

public sector editing
planning decisions, ministerial meetings, inquiries, public consultation, policy meetings, appeals

market research editing
survey results, data entry, speeches, press briefings, seminars

homeport core values
homeport respects the fact that the documents you send to us could contain content of privileged data, intellectual property, or trade secrets. We ensure the confidentiality and security of your files and information both online and offline with the use of secure servers and encryption.


Copy-editing £15.00 to £25.00 per 1,000 words of text Price will depend on the complexity and the use of technical language Substantive edit and rewrite £15 to £30.00 per 1,000 words of text Price will depend on the complexity and the use of technical language Proofreading the final review £15.00 to £20.00 per 1,000 words …

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