The City Stella Gemmell

cover30161-smallStella Gemmell, wife of David Gemmell, was involved in finishing David’s unfinished novel when he passed away. This however is her first book she has written alone.
The City had me immersed from page one, I suppose as a fan of David Gemmell books I was prepared to give this book a fair chance to prove itself to me, and I have to say that in its own right it is a wonderful epic story, full of interesting characters, and well-crafted in terms of storytelling.
I loved the whole concept of this City, most of which now seems to exist under ground, layer upon layer of caves and tunnels and humanity living and working, never once venturing out onto the streets above.
I thought Stella created characters worthy of following; ones that you got to know and care about, that coupled with the rich description of the City and the use of language to build her world created a truly amazing story.