The Woken Gods

The storyline content is quite good. Kyra a 17 year old lives in Washington, but one that is a bit different to the Washington that we know, because it is also full of Gods, and prophets and prophecies, as well as vaults full of magical relics. They live side by side fairly peacefully with humans. However the Society hold the Gods existence here by keeping the Relics that could send them back to the afterlife.
Kyras biggest problem she thought was rebelling enough to get her fathers attention, as well as having a prophet for a mother. That is until her father a librarian for the guardians stole an ancient relic, and suddenly she is fighting to clear his name and keep them both alive, that is without the addition of the Gods deciding this an opportune moment to take advantage of the situation.
Finding out she has a family vault, with some of these ancient relics and also one with the ability to make her invisible, sort of hints at Harry Potter plots, but that aside, overall this is an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading the next one in the series.