Forgive me Leonard Peacock

Forgive me Leonard Peacock is defiantly aimed at the older YA readers, because of the type of content covered including suicide and violence. Written in the first person narrative the book starts with the beginning of Leonards day, his 18th birthday, and he is thinking about the day. A day when he will kill his best friend Asher Beal, send four gifts to people in his life that matter to him, and commit suicide.
Herr Silverman is Leonards teacher, the one caring and supporting person that we see in the book, he suggested Leonard write the letter from the future, letters that appear every so often with in the book.
This novel is about one day, a bad day as far as Leonard is concerned, and we go along with him living those hours, like a ticking bomb, following his thoughts and feelings. It is a dark novel going to places no one wants to be, and we end up with sweaty palms and racing hearts as we near the end of this day.
The ending? no big bang or neat endings here, it just ends. This is a coming of age novel and one that I would recommend you to read.