Noble Conflict

Malorie Blackman writes brilliant books and she does not let us down with this book. Noble Conflict is very much a dystopian YA novel, a popular genre at the moment.
The main characters Kaspar a guardian and Rhea an Insurgent. I especially like the character of Rhea, believable and strong, but one that we really only discover through Kaspar and his remembered flashbacks of her past life.
Another character that I enjoyed was Mac, with a huge personality, a librarian who helps Kaspar work out what he needs to know. There is a great interaction between Kaspar and Mac, and sometimes your not sure how this is going to unfold with them and with Kaspar and Rhea. However it does resolve itself but in quite a sad way, and without revealing the plot that is one of the sad parts of the book along with Kaspar losing quite early in the book one of his greatest friends. There are many twists and unexpected turns during the book and enough action to keep you reading to the end.
Overall outstanding book, and hoping for a follow up in the near future.