Night of the Purple Moon

Night of the Purple Moon
Firstly I would like to thank Scott Cramer for the copy I received to review.
The book starts with the anticipation of the coming purple moon and the possible effects to the community of Castine Island in the first chapter.
Next morning everything has changed, all the adults, except the very old who did die but more slowly, were dead. The moon dust or virus as we find out as the story progresses has killed every one from puberty upwards.
Abby, Jordan and Toucan are siblings, and along with Emily and Kevin Patel, once they have got over the initial shock, Abby organises them to round up all the other children on the island and they move into a mansion, and work towards surviving until a cure is found. There is one link with the outside world, bulletins with updates by some scientists working on a cure.
During the course of the story we see how strong Abby is and forget really how young she is, in some respects maybe the author should have made her older, but of course then there would have been the dilemma with puberty and getting the virus. Some children do die from the virus as they reach puberty.
The author used different viewpoints and I liked this it kept the story interesting, as much of the book was about how they survived. There was also the conflict element with a few boys not wanting to join the group and living on their own, and releasing and ultimately killing their livestock by failure to close a barn door.
I am interested to see how this storyline progresses and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
I think it is well written, with interesting characters that allow you to empathise and feel for them, bringing the storyline alive and making you feel you are there part of what is happening. Well done Scott and again thank you for the book.