Written Word

The written word is one of my passions; I am one of these crazy people that get excited about a good pen, sharp pencil and a crisp new note book.  My favourite pen is a montblanc fountain pen used with a moleskin note book.

I keep a note book with me when I go out, and beside my bed at night, I scribble odd thoughts that are slowly evolving into a book.

Another passion is reading, I have always read, and remember as a child, my father and I visiting our local library. We would have two tickets each, ours and a ticket of a non-reading relative.  We would struggle home on the bus with ten books each, that would be read with pleasure and finished in time for our next visit, the following week.

I enjoy most genres, but Sci Fi and Fantasy fiction are among my favourite.  So when it comes to reviewing books, I tend to review Sci Fi and Fantasy Teens and YA.




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