In today’s very fast growing digital environment, organizations are making the choice to focus on their core activities and outsource support services.
homeport operates as a global virtual office, with our project managers, designers, editors, and transcription team working from a home office environment. We offer a flexible approach and a quick turnaround of work in response to our client’s needs without compromising on accuracy or professionalism.

editing and writing
homeport editorial services range from light editing through to extensive reworking of written work, and proofreading to create effective, readable copy.

intelligent research
The “invisible web” or “deep web” is the huge amount of specialist searchable databases available to access on the web. homeport researchers are expert at finding that elusive piece of information, or the data necessary for your project.

homeport transcribers create transcripts of your meetings, seminars, conference calls, interviews, presentations and more. Key areas include corporate, public sector, legal, medical, and academic transcriptions.

homeport core vision
homeport professionally manages client’s project management and business administration services, while consistently providing a flexible, efficient, cost-effective, fast solutions response to their needs. Utilising technology removes all barriers of time and place; homeport uses the latest digital technology and desktop tools to integrate seamlessly with our client’s business operations. We can support you to work smarter, letting you concentrate your time on what you do best, while we sort out the rest.